About Us

Allgoewer Consulting was founded by Thomas Allgoewer.

The mission of Allgoewer Consulting is to increase client non-profits’ capacity to achieve specific, strategic corporate goals and objectives at critical times, by supporting management and boards with effective consulting services.

Mr. Allgoewer’s business vision is to support non-profits in their struggle to “do more with less”, by putting at their disposal his considerable knowledge, skills and experience.

Mr. Allgoewer is acutely aware from personal experience that non-profit organizations struggle to do more with less. This was true even before the current economic crisis. For years non-profit organizations, especially charities, tried to maintain high standards of service without budget increases, though costs continuously increased. There are also unique business circumstances that stretch non-profit management, particularly at the senior level, to do more with less even at the best of times. Some are:
• dual accountability to Boards of Directors and funding bodies (especially if there are government contracts involved),
• constant application and re-application for funding,
• annual audits and accreditation,
• organizational reviews,
• addressing and complying with current legislation.

Ultimately, senior managers are accountable to every authority for every legislative Act, regulation, policy and procedure, that every officer of the organization, staff, volunteer, and client must follow, or fail to follow. They must do all of this and more, while running the day to day office and business.

The value Allgoewer Consulting brings to a client is that Mr. Allgoewer will temporarily take on some of the high level priorities, projects and activities that non-profit managers strive to complete. This permits the management team, board and/or organization to focus on other priorities, whether operational or strategic. Because of his experience, knowledge and good judgment, he can contribute quickly and with little training.

Mr. Allgoewer has a passion for giving to and working for non-profit and charitable organizations. Mr. Allgoewer’s earliest experience with charity was volunteering for Mother Teresa’s organization in Calcutta in 1979. In 1984 he began work for the W.P. Archibald Centre, a Salvation Army federal halfway House in Toronto as a student. From 1986 until 2009 he has contributed to the success of a variety of non-profit organizations as a manager and Executive Director. During this time he has simultaneously served on the Board of Directors (mostly on Executive Committees, as President or Vice- President) in a volunteer capacity for several non-profits: an international development agency, halfway house association, training institute, and day-care.

Mr. Allgoewer has a MA in Social Anthropology from Harvard University.