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Mr. Allgoewer successfully increased funding for the MFRC-NCR from $1,250,000 to $1,600,000. His efforts involved seeking out funding through government, funding applications, foundation grants, United Way donations, as well as through corporate sponsorships and special events. Mr. Allgoewer is particularly skilled at crafting funding applications.

Nel Keath-Humphreys, Vice Chair, Board of Directors

Secondly, just a note to say great work behind another great result that came in today: a member has donated $2,000 with a note to you ( "Thanks for all the info "). This 
is unquestionably because of your persistent cultivation ... moving him now to becoming our third most generous donor in terms of the size of a one-time gift. As importantly, he has committed to organizing an event for us at which he believes at least $10k will be raised.

R. Rainer, Executive Director


 Thank you for visiting Allgoewer Consulting's website. 

Allgoewer Consulting, is a consulting firm that supports non-profits and charities having to "do more with less".  We are based in Ottawa, Ontario and are particularly interested in being a resource to the small and medium-sized agencies. Our fees are accordingly reasonable. In particular, we support the agencies that have fallen on hard times and need a lift. 

Our mission is to increase non-profits’ capacity to achieve specific, strategic corporate goals and objectives at critical times, by supporting management and boards with effective consulting services.  

Non-profits need to be efficient and effective. Non-profits must have streamlined operations and fundraising flair to thrive.  

Founded by Thomas Allgoewer, with more than 20 years of management experience leading non-profits, Allgoewer Consulting goes all out for charity.